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MovieStarPlanet Rules

You would like to be certain our games are safe and fun for everybody. That’s the reason we want one to stick to these basic rules. If you violate the rules, you might be given a warning or your own account might be suspended.

Your password is key

It’s imperative that you don’t ever talk about your password/account or ask the other user to get his or her password/account EVER! Irrespective of what you might well be guaranteed by someone else, usually do not let them have your password.

Irrespective of what! That is amazing it is really a milk, locked out and just for the eyes to watch! Do not even tell your furry friend, regardless how reputable.


Make a solid password – unless you understand how, request a parent/legal protector or browse this short article for assistance. Be certain that you make use of both numbers, letters, and logos to produce the maximum super-safe password .

Never discuss private info

Never share private information which could show your individuality. This consists of information like the entire name, contact number, home address, faculty, or alternative societal networking reports.

MovieStarPlanet/BlockStarPlanet/BooniePlanet may incorporate in-game features wherever your engagement requires one to offer definite data, on a voluntary basis.

Think before you compose

Bear in mind that after you write something, the other man or woman is reading everything you’ve wrote.
Composing and talking with different people on the web is exactly like speaking with them in reallife.

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No cheating

We rely on a fair match. Employing cheating robots, hacks, chain letters, even including MovieStarPlanet/BlockStarPlanet/BooniePlanet staff, game modifiers or frighten other users for items isn’t permitted.

Suggestion: A actual moderator might be recognized by means of a moderator badge onto the avatar, that can soon be shown in any way times.

You could not utilize MovieStarPlanet/BooniePlanet/BlockStarPlanet content and artwork beyond those matches also you also may possibly well not indulge in our intellectual property. It’s also against the rules to market products without consent. All material is the land of MovieStarPlanet set of matches.
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If you’re unsure regarding the rules, simply inquire!

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