MovieStarPlanet (MSP) – Tips and Tricks

MSP MovieStarPlanet

Diamonds Fame Tricks

Access autographs from some other movie stars. I’d like to state such things as”auto to get a car” or”I shall provide you something special for an autograph. They generally do the job.
Get different movie stars to see your own pictures. (the larger the speed, the greater popularity you become!)
Get different movie stars to love your room, looks, art books and status updates onto your own profile.
Twist the wheel of popularity! This costs diamonds and diamonds is still a pretty fantastic solution to invest in them! Short pictures are good since they usually do not use up long!
Get different movie stars to purchase your looks.
Perform with the matches: dress-up, cat walk, mad cards, quiz, casting and also the matches in chat rooms. You get significantly more starcoins by accomplishing the standard things (such as celebrity ) and you get to twist the VIP starcoin wheel each day.

The Way to quickly get presents

You’re a MovieStarPlanet participant, it’s likely that you’d love some wonderful gift ideas. Getting gift ideas readily is potential in only a couple days; it’s rewarding and fun, therefore give it a try!

Different accounts procedure (that is just for educational functions, but we usually do not require any responsibility due to the!)

Proceed to your accounts. Sign into.

Compose a set of those gift ideas you would like. It’s possible to fill your wish list as you’d like.
Log away once you’ve added exactly what you really wanted.

Create another accounts. The game enables you to produce as many reports as you would like, so is good. Level your character level 6, to complete so, make lots of pictures on the newest accounts. Create more reports to see the pictures and give them popularity.

Measure 6 is your degree you need to reach to provide gift ideas. Put your email in a lot of those pictures, which may provide you with plenty of funds.
Gather what you required to buy for the additional personality. As Soon as You have became flat six, provide the presents.

Don’t forget, you can use a hack tool to get free diamonds, free VIP, and free starcoins on MSP if that would help you.

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