MovieStarPlanet Guide to Starcoins

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MovieStarPlanet Guide to Starcoins

Starcoins (or even”SC”) would be the primary money in MovieStarPlanet. Movie stars are available to buy the vast majority of all cartoons , clothing, items, pets, plus far more using Starcoins.

Getting Starcoins

There are numerous methods of creating starcoins. An individual can earn starcoins from the next:
Watching/Making Movies

After watching a picture, the gamer will get 10 starcoins, where as the picture’s founder will get significantly more (based on the viewer’s degree ). Nevertheless, the audience has to rate the picture so as to get the starcoins. For the founder, they are going to receive starcoins, even though the viewer doesn’t speed it. Subsequent to the audience saw 10 pictures, they are going to just capture 5 starcoins.


If you pet a Boonie or puppy, you are going to earn 1 5 starcoins, based on what big or healthy they are. Should they have been sick, then you’ll almost certainly bring in 1 starcoin. For retired pets, even if they have been healthy and Amount 10, then you’ll probably get 5 starcoins. The number of starcoins changes by amount for fresh Boonies and Bonsters. Additionally, by attaining a brand new Boonie or even Bonster to a specific grade, you can receive starcoins. You are able to pet additional player’s pets also Boonies to get paid starcoins too. You obtain longer starcoins according to your pet’s degree.


When an individual wins first, second, or third location, they are going to bring in starcoins, diamonds along with VIP.

An individual may additionally earn Starcoins by buying whether VIP package or Diamond package. The smallest quantity of starcoins it’s possible to find is 1000, whilst the maximum level is 120,000.

Offering or finding a greeting card provides a new player 500 starcoins.

The Everyday Wheel of Fortune provides players Starcoins. There are just two unique wheel of backpacks: VIP and non invasive VIP. The non VIP provides you 20 to 120 starcoins along with also the VIP provides you 25 to 200 starcoins. You might even twist the Fame Deluxe by buying it for 4 diamonds from the gemstone shop.

You’re able to secure 1000 Starcoins in the event that you really do the diamond rush at an chat room.

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