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    Use This MSP MovieStarPlanet Hack To Acquire Free VIP, Diamonds, and Starcoins

    If you are looking for an up-to-date MovieStarPlanet hack then you have reached the right place! In this post, you will find a working, step-by-step method on how to generate in-game currencies (Diamonds and Starcoins) as well as VIP in the game. So, keep reading!

    Generating In-Game Currencies:


    If you want to buy exclusive clothing, items, and animations in the game and want to upgrade existing ones, then you will require plenty of Diamonds. Diamonds are a premium currency in MovieStarPlanet. To earn Diamonds, you can follow the below-mentioned methods:

    • You can purchase a Diamond package.
    • You also get Diamonds after buying a VIP membership.
    • Wining and/or placing well in contests will earn you a few Diamonds.
    • Get a redeemable code for diamonds from a magazine.
    • Get them as a daily reward from your Elite or Star VIP piggy bank.
    • These are all of the current methods of getting Diamonds.
    • If you want to earn Diamonds right now without hassle, then you might as well just use our MovieStarPlanet hack.


    Starcoins are the other type of currency in MovieStarPlanet, and are the main type used by everyone. Using them, you can purchae animations, clothing, items, pets, and more. Starcoins are essential in MovieStarPlanet, and here are some ways to earn them online:

    • You can earn starcoins by watching players movies, as well as from making your own movie.
    • You are rewarded starcoins from petting player pets and boonies. The healthier and bigger they are, the more coins you can earn.
    • You can buy them with real money or make use of our MSP Cheats to generate Starcoins in a few seconds.


    VIP Membership is something is highly sought out, but there are only a few very limited ways to get this.

    • Buy a VIP Membership package. There are several types of packages - regular, Elite, and Star, and they have different tiers and times. The payments are recurring.
    • You can also win VIP in contests by placing first, second, or third.
    • Alternatively, You can buy them with real money or make use of our MovieStarPlanet Cheats to generate VIP within few seconds.

    How To Use The MSP Cheats 2018?

    To generate currencies immediately, you need to visit our official webpage. Enter your game username or email and operating device. Then, mention the amount of Starcoins, Diamonds, and duration of Free VIP that you need. With a single click, the currencies and VIP Membership will be credited to your MovieStarPlanet account. Simple!

    What Are The Additional Benefits Of Using The MovieStarPlanet Hack 2018?

    You can use our MSP tool on any smartphone; iOS or Android as well as on your computer. You don't have to jailbreak or root your device in order to use it. There's no MOD APK or anything like that to install. Plus, the process of generating currencies is super simple, fast, and updated to work throughout 2018. You can complete the whole process within a few seconds. A first time MSP Hacker will also be able to acquire the required amount of currencies and VIP by using our tool.

    This a premium quality tool that has an inbuilt anti-ban feature. This feature will let you enjoy your game without any worries as it will keep you hidden from search engines. Ther eare no viruses. Not to mention, you can keep generating currencies unlimited. Just keep coming back to this site!

    Our hack tool is updated on a regular basis by our team of professionals. We play the game and we love it, so we keep it working. Start using our MSP MovieStarPlanet hack right away for procuring unlimited free Diamonds, free Starcoins, and Free VIP.



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    Lisa Sampson

    Love it~! DIdn't take me too long before the VIP, free diamonds and starcoins were added to my account.

    Jessica P.

    Took me 30 minutes, but I got it at the end. Thanks for this girl, seriously.

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    Jenna Jameson

    Absolutely bookmarked. :)

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    Hamilton Pen

    YES! I don't really care about the starcoins or diamonds, but I realllly needed to get VIP. Finally figured out how to get VIP on moviestarplanet >:D

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