MSP (MovieStarPlanet) Hack

MSP MovieStarPlanet Hack – Free VIP, Starcoins, and Diamonds Cheats 2019

MovieStarPlanet is a free social game published in 2009, and is active worldwide (14 countries have versions of MSP). It is a completely virtual world with games and activities, and players control an avatar that they are able to transform into their own moviestar. The game is free to play, but players can pay for extra features which can be generated using a MSP MovieStarPlanet hack. Paying for these extended features allows you to speed up your rise to fame. Filtering and moderators are present in the game.

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Anyone of any age is permitted to play the game, although some criticism has come due to how immersive the game is. People seem to think that users get addicted to the game. However, it seems more likely that people are simply spending time trying to get in game currencies. The use of MSP MovieStarPlanet hack can help make this easier. Below are some of the in-game items and currencies, which will make you more successful and popular in the game.


MSP VIP Membership is the primary feature of the game, which are bought using recurring payments. You start off with a base 1 month VIP membership, and then will automatically become a VIP again after 30 days, which involves being charged once more. Until you cancel, you will be charged every 30 days. In order to turn off recurring payments, you have to sign into your account while playing on a computer. Then go to “settings” in the top right corner, then click on “my payments” and press “turn off automatic payment”. This will take effect immediately. If you don’t have enough money to keep buying VIP on MovieStarPlanet, we suggest you try the MovieStarPlanet cheats.


Starcoins (also known as SC the main currency on MovieStarPlanet. Using them, you can purchase a lot of animations, clothing, items, pets, and much more using them. Once upon a time, MSP players could purchase Starcoins without VIP. You can earn starcoins by watching a movie, or by having your movie watched (the higher your level, the more starcoins you will earn). However, you must make sure that you rate the movie after watching it in order to earn starcoins. You also get starcoins if you pet a Boonie or a pet, depending on how healthy and how big the pets are. If they are sick, you will earn much less. Besides these methods, you can also earn some starcoins by simply using the msp hack 2018.

The amount of starcoins you earn from pets and boonies varies by their health and their size. By reaching a new boonie or getting a boonster to a certain level, you receive starcoins. Also, by entering competitions, you can win starcoins, diamonds, and even VIP if you get first, second, or third place.

You can earn your desired amount of starcoins, diamonds, and VIP by working hard in the game, or you can choose to purchase them by buying a VIP or Diamond pack.  This will cost real world money. Alternatively, you can use our reliable MovieStarPlanet hack that is easily available on the Internet for generating unlimited VIP, Starcoins, and Diamonds.

If you are down to buy these currencies in-game, then make sure you buy the biggest packs available as these are always the best deal. If you don’t want to spend all this time and your money, you can follow some of the tips below to earn in-game currency:


Diamonds are the other type of currency on MovieStarPlanet. These are the premium currency. They can be used at the MSP Diamond Shop and allow you to buy exclusive clothing and items, animations, and more. There is also a “Diamond Ride” feature in the game, where, for 15 diamonds, you can have 1000 starcoins rain down in a chatroom. All users in the chatroom get to try and collect the starcoins while the person who purchased the diamond ride gets 1000 starcoins sent straight to their bank.

At the moment, the only way to obtain diamonds is when you receive them after buying a VIP membership, purchasing a diamond package, winning and placing well in contests, or buying a magazine with a redeemable code. Besides these methods, you can get diamonds as a daily reward if you have Elite or Star VIP from the piggy bank. That said, simply using the MSP hack tool 2018 is the easiest method to get diamonds by far.

Free VIP:

There are not a ton of ways to earn VIP on the game without paying. You might be able to earn a VIP membership if you place well in competitions, so make sure to enter as many of them as you can as often as you can, and do your best to place either first, second, or third, and you might earn a temporary VIP membership. If you find this too difficult, just try the MSP free vip hack.

Daily Wheel:

There is a Daily Wheel of Fortune that gives players starcoins. There are 2 different wheel of fortunes available to play: VIP and non-VIP. The non VIP will reward you with a number of starcoins between 20 and 120, while the VIP will give you 25 to 200 starcoins. There is also a Fame Wheel that can be purchased for 4 diamonds in the diamond shop. You can generate up to 1000 starcoins if you do the diamond ride in a chatroom.

Watching and Making Movies:

Watching a movie on MSP allows you to earn 10 starcoins, and making a movie allows you to earn more. Due to this, making and watching movies on MovieStarPlanet is one of the best working methods to get starcoins. However, this does take some time and the higher your level the better (and leveling up takes additional time). Many players will find it easier to just use the MovieStarPlanet Hack 2018.

Pets and Boonies:

If you pet a Boonie or a pet, you get 1-5 starcoins. The amount is increased depending on healthy and how big the Pet/Boonie is. If they are sick, for example, you will only earn 1 starcoin. Therefor, it’s a good idea to seek out as many healthy pets and boonies you can and pet them to earn some starcoins. Also, leveling a new boonie will allow you to receive a few starcoins.


You can also earn Starcoins, Diamonds, and VIP by buying either a VIP pack or a Diamond pack. The lowest amount of starcoins available for purchase is 1000, while the highest amount is 120000. You get 500 starcoins for greetings.

VIP Membership:

You can buy VIP Membership on MSP MovieStarPlanet. There are many advantages to this, and there are multiple VIP Membership Packages available – The regular package, the Elite package, and the Star Package. When you buy one, you receive bonus diamonds and starcoins immediately, as well as any and all benefits.

The packages are a bit expensive though. The regular VIP package is $3.99/£3 ( 10 Diamonds & 1,900 Starcoins ). Other prices: 1 Month VIP $11.99/£9 ( 80 Diamonds & 11,500 ), 3 Months VIP $28.99/£25 ( 195 Diamonds & 27,000 ), and a Year VIP $64.99/£55 ( 635 Diamonds & 91,000 ).

Once you’re VIP you can buy more VIP packages on your certificate, but you can’t buy new VIP during your current VIP.


These perks are what make buying VIP on MovieStarPlanet worth it. For regular VIP you get – Fame bonus, x5 to your friends, exclusive items, 5 starcoins daily, 4 autographs per hour, and 2 wheel of fortune spins. For Elite VIP you get – Fame bonus, x7 friends, Access to exclusive items, 1 Diamond Daily, 20 StarCoins daily, 15 autographs per hour, and 3 daily wheel of fortune spins. Finally, the Star VIP earns you – Fame bonus, x9 friends, Access to Exclusive items, 2 Diamonds Daily, 40 StarCoins daily, 30 autographs per hour, and 4 daily wheel of fortune spins.

MovieStarPlanet (also known as MSP) is one of the best games you can play, and is a great stress reliever and social interaction game to play online. When you’re on it, don’t forget to use the MovieStarPlanet Hack so you can keep up with other players easily. This tool will make it easy to generate diamonds and starcoins as needed. Have fun!

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